Why Is Choosing The Right Paper Finish So Important In Print Marketing?

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Choosing the right paper finish is a key aspect of creating an effective print marketing campaign. The different commercial print finishes available suit different products and presentations, so understanding each of their nuances will help inform your print marketing decisions.

Regardless of the commercial print marketing format – be it a brochure, leaflet or direct mail – the type of finish you choose for your print marketing products will heavily influence the appearance of your chosen format. The finish affects how customers perceive a print marketing product and the business it belongs to, so choosing the finish is a big decision that you need to get right.

Let’s look at the benefits of choosing the right commercial print finish and the types of paper finish available from the variety of printers Warwick has to offer.


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Benefits Of Effective Print Marketing

Your organisation’s printed materials are representations of the quality of your product or service. When designed and made with sufficient quality, print marketing can operate as a brand ambassador extolling the virtues of your company to prospective customers. 

The quality of your print is a vital consideration though, as dull, misaligned or cheap-looking print marketing products won’t give potential customers a particularly good impression of your business. Many people will simply assume that your company is either unwilling or not able to invest in promoting itself properly, which is indicative of the quality of the business on the whole.

Instead, use high quality and effective print marketing finishes to represent your business exactly how you would like. Good quality printed materials demonstrate your business brand and values from the start, and they will leave a lasting impression on many prospective customers.

Now let’s look at the different finishes that can elevate your print media.

Gloss Finish For Eye-Catching Print Marketing

A gloss finish gives commercial print material a gleaming sheen which helps make your imagery stand out. It is important to consider where your print marketing media will be positioned when using a gloss finish, as it can produce a glare under bright light that makes it difficult to read.

Silk Finish For Commercial Print Campaigns

The silk finish is popular with commercial print media as it is almost as vibrant as gloss, but it does not have the problem of glare under certain lights. Silk finishes can be slightly less eye-catching than gloss for this reason, but the lack of glare makes them ideal for any commercial print media that features a lot of text.

Uncoated Finish For Effective Print Marketing

An uncoated finish may lack the smoothness and vibrancy of gloss and silk, but this finish is much harder wearing and thus keeps the print marketing product in good condition for significantly longer than both gloss and silk finishes. The uncoated finish can still provide the perception of being high quality and luxury while lasting longer, so they are often a popular choice for high-end businesses.

Choosing The Ideal Finish For Your Print Materials

Each finish, be it gloss, silk, or uncoated, brings its unique strengths to the table, catering to different aspects of your marketing message and brand identity. It’s not just about the visual appeal; it’s about creating a memorable experience that resonates with your audience. By carefully selecting the right paper finish, you ensure that every brochure, leaflet, or direct mail piece you produce works as an effective tool in your marketing arsenal.

If you want the perfect paper to ensure you’re creating the most effective print marketing campaign you can, then contact the team at Think, Design and Print today to explore our diverse range of quality print solutions.


print expert uses a machine in the workshop

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