Quality Management: The Benefits Of Accredited Print Companies

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When a print company achieves official accreditation, it signals professionalism and a dedication to print quality management. The accompanying certifications demonstrate that a print company is serious about its work and is willing to invest to ensure it meets the industry standards.

This dedication and investment translates into a high level of service and customer satisfaction. It shows that a print company values a quality management system and will implement best practices during its operations.

So, what are the benefits of quality management system implementation, and which accreditations are the most important? In this article we’ll explain ISO 9001 accreditation and the benefits of accredited print companies.

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What Is Accreditation?

Accreditation acts as a guarantee that the print company has the necessary expertise and processes in place to produce high-quality work consistently. Accreditation comes in the form of ISO certifications which are checked every year by the UK’s national accreditation body UKAS.

Numerous ISO certifications exist, but only a select few pertain directly to print company practices. Below is a brief overview of  the ISO certifications that are essential for print quality management in the UK.

What Is ISO 9001 Accreditation?

The ISO 9001 accreditation sets out the criteria for a quality management system. This standard is based on a number of quality management principles that include a strong focus on customers, along with clear motivation and implication of top management. It also includes the process approach along with genuine continual improvement.

The idea behind the ISO 9001 accreditation is that it helps ensure customers receive consistent and good-quality products and services.

Also worth mentioning is the ISO 14001 accreditation, which represents a company’s dedication to environmental efficiency and sustainability. Being certified to ISO 14001 means the print company is compliant with all environmental regulations and obligations, while also making notable efforts to reduce waste and conduct operations as environmentally friendly as possible.

Standards Of Print Quality Management

A print company being certified to ISO 9001 means they are regularly reviewing and updating their practices. The benefit of such an accredited print company is that they are fully aligned with industry best practices and embracing new technologies to ensure they stay at the forefront of the printing industry.

It is worth noting that the annual checks on ISO compliance are undertaken by independent auditors, thus print company customers can rest assured that the purported ISO compliance is genuine.

The annually checked ISO certification shows that the print company has clearly demonstrated consistency in meeting the standards set by the accrediting body. This then provides customers with valuable peace of mind knowing that their printing job will be handled professionally and delivered on time.

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