The Enduring Relevance Of Print Marketing In The Digital Era

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It would be easy to assume that the battle between print vs digital marketing is over with the digital era well and truly upon us. But the truth is that they are different tools that have different impacts on the audience, and there are many reasons why print marketing is still important.

The prevalence of digital marketing today reveals that many businesses are entirely focused on it, and often oblivious to the enduring benefits of print marketing. But it needn’t be a choice between print vs digital marketing, as employing both enables your business to enjoy the best of both worlds.

Let’s look closer at why print marketing is still important and why you should consider ordering print marketing products from the variety of printers Warwick has to offer.


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Print Marketing is More Engaging

Print marketing is a physical product and thus is instantly much more engaging than digital materials. A printed product can be held in the hand and felt with the fingers. It is a tangible object that naturally demands more attention from the person engaging with it. Whereas we are so used to pop-ups and sidebar promotions appearing on web pages that a lot of digital marketing barely even registers with internet users.

Also consider the additional advantage of direct mail print marketing. When something is addressed to you personally, you won’t throw it away until you know exactly what it is and where it came from. The information contained in the print marketing thus has a much higher chance of resonating with the receiver.

Targeting With Print Vs Digital Marketing Audience

Another advantage for print media when considering the differences between print vs digital marketing is that you can target your audience with more accuracy. You can take advantage of local newspapers, mailers, and niche publications, and you will automatically know who is reading your message. This targeting precision ensures your marketing messages reach a specific demographic. 

Better local engagement is another reason why print marketing is still important. Print marketing products distributed across specific geographic locations will create a stronger brand presence among the local population. This helps businesses engage more effectively with their target demographic in the local area.

Increased Brand Recall With Print Marketing

Few people will remember the last digital ad they encountered online, let alone one from a few days ago, but they are far more likely to remember information they have engaged with physically. 

This physical interaction is a vital aspect of why print marketing is still important. It leads to increased brand recall, which in turn leads to higher conversion rates and customer loyalty.

Why Print Marketing Is Still Important

Print marketing helps your business stand out from competitors who restrict their marketing reach to digital only. Such a restriction means they will often be lost amongst the countless other brands that are also completely focused on digital marketing.

With print marketing materials easy to distribute and their tangibility helping businesses stand out from competitors, it is clear why print marketing is still important. Businesses should be doing everything they can to integrate their digital and print marketing efforts to ensure that their marketing messages achieve the maximum impact.

If you understand why print marketing is still important and want the benefits of print vs digital marketing, then contact us today to discuss your print marketing needs.


print expert uses a machine in the workshop

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