What Were The Latest Print Marketing Trends In 2023?

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Despite the continuous rise of digital marketing, new opportunities have opened up for print marketing, with a variety of printing marketing trends emerging throughout 2023. 

Forward-thinking businesses all over the UK and the rest of the world are combining print and digital marketing to maximise their impact and customer engagement. The classic newsletter has also witnessed a revival this year, with a modern twist of course. There is also much more awareness of the need for sustainability among consumers, while the personal touch provided by print media is a welcome relief for many.

Let’s look closer at the print marketing trends that have emerged this year, and why your business should consider ordering print marketing products from the variety of printers Warwick has to offer.


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Combining Print And Digital Marketing

Promoting your brand, service or product while engaging with your customers works most effectively when combining print and digital marketing. It provides your business with the best of both worlds, especially when the two marketing tools are integrated with the likes of QR codes that link to your content or reviews.

Using both platforms to enhance each other is one of the biggest print trends so far this year, so it is worthwhile examining how print media can be integrated with your digital marketing campaigns.

The Newsletter Revival

Print newsletters have been trending this year, although it is important to note some key differences from the old school type of newsletter you may remember. The 2023 version of the newsletter is not like the newsletters you would have received at school. Instead, these modern newsletters feature fantastic designs and are personalised to each customer. They are full of genuine quality, and something that stands a business out from its competitors.

Sustainability Print Trends

There is an increased demand for sustainable products from consumers across all sectors, and print media is an excellent way to explain and advertise your company’s efforts to be sustainable. Many consumers become aware of a brand’s environmental stance from this kind of engagement, and they will be positively influenced by it.

Personalisation Of Print Media 

Another major factor driving the latest printing marketing trends is email fatigue. People are growing tired of the constant wave of impersonal marketing campaigns, and they want something more personal. 

Print is a great way of providing this personalisation, which in turn produces a higher ROI and drives repeat engagement and customer loyalty. 

Subliminal Effects Of Print Marketing

Subliminal marketing, a subtle yet powerful tool, is not inherently sinister or secretive. Instead, it’s about embedding your brand into the daily lives of potential customers, ensuring it’s there when needed. This strategy can take many forms, from a flyer lingering on a side table for weeks to various printed media that customers encounter regularly. The enduring presence of these materials allows your brand to become a familiar part of their environment.

As businesses strive to connect with their audience on a more personal and memorable level, the thoughtful integration of print media provides a unique advantage in capturing and retaining customer attention and, as we’ve demonstrated from examining the latest print marketing trends we’ve seen in 2023, it’s clear that the power of print remains undiminished in a digitally dominated world.

If you want to learn more about the latest printing marketing trends, or about combining print and digital marketing, then make sure to get in contact with the team at Think, Design & Print today to discuss how the latest print trends can benefit your business.


print expert uses a machine in the workshop

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