Direct Mail Print Marketing: Why It’s Still A Winning Strategy

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In recent years, print marketing has been overtaken by digital marketing as the main marketing strategy for many businesses, but it can still be a winning strategy. Print marketing can reap great rewards and there are multiple reasons why using direct mail marketing can benefit modern businesses.

The days of huge piles of junk mail arriving through the post are thankfully long behind us, although our email spam filters are now doing all the heavy lifting in that respect. But this opens up a clear opportunity for higher quality print marketing to make a significant impact on consumers.

The digital landscape is oversaturated with adverts for absolutely anything and everything, to the extent that most internet users barely acknowledge them and simply tune them out. Print marketing, on the other hand, can engage with customers directly and more personally, while leaving a much greater impact on them. 

Let’s look closer at why direct mail printing is still a winning strategy today.


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Why Use Direct Mail Marketing

Research near the end of 2022 by experts in programmable communication tools, Twilio, discovered that around 36% of consumers globally had experienced digital fatigue in the last 30 days. That percentage rose to 42% when just counting Gen Z respondents. This indicates that the digital space is getting oversaturated, which lessens the effectiveness of digital advertising.

Meanwhile, people receive far less direct mail than they do emails and app notifications, thus they are more likely to pay attention and engage with them. This is one of the main answers to the question ‘why use direct mail print marketing’. 

But does direct marketing work? Let’s find out!

How Effective Are Direct Marketing Strategies

During its own research, the Digital Markets Act discovered that the average response rate to direct mail campaigns is 9%. Perhaps not the highest number when viewed without context, but compare it to the 2.1% average response rate for email campaigns, and you see a clear difference.

So yes, clearly direct marketing does work and appears to be significantly more effective than email marketing. That’s why many modern businesses are integrating both digital and print marketing campaigns in order to maximise their effectiveness.

Why Print Marketing Is A Winning Strategy

Digital marketing is growing consistently more expensive as premium spaces become harder to secure, especially for smaller businesses working with a tight budget. With demand for digital advertising being so high, the costs for vital elements such as keywords is only going to increase. However, with print marketing, you can produce campaigns for targeted groups at a much lower cost.

But while the low cost of print marketing clearly benefits businesses, there is a very real benefit to the consumer too. Demand for a sensory experience that digital can’t provide is on the rise. Print marketing can answer that call by providing a quality feel that millennials will remember from back in the 80s/90s. It may be nostalgic but people will always prefer to read something that’s personalised to them.

So, are you ready to make a real impact? 

Explore our cutting-edge direct mail solutions and see how we can bring your brand’s message directly to your audience’s doorstep. Contact the team at Think Design and Print today and start your transformative journey using print marketing!

print expert uses a machine in the workshop

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