Why sending postcards as Direct Mail is a great way to reach your target audience

You may be wondering why sending postcards as DM, Direct Mail, is such an effective way to reach your target audience. Read on to discover the benefits of using this method. But as a quick overview, DM is:

  • inexpensive and easy to produce
  • highly targeted, especially with the rise of digital fatigue
  • gets highest ROI at 112% versus email, social and paid search
  • …and a great way to connect with people in your local community.
Postcards are easy to send and get seen straight away

If you’ve ever sent out a postcard, then you know how easy it is to do. It’s a quick and simple item to design and print. And as long as you have the correct data, mail fulfilment companies can send them out for you. At Think, we advise including first names as we all prefer to receive something personalised don’t we? In a Forbes survey, 84% of recipients are more likely to open mail if it’s specifically addressed to them. And if you have an impressive, engaging logo, picture or headline at the ready, you’re almost there! The front of your postcard getting the main message across straight away. A Capitol Communicator study showed that although DM is not the most popular, it does get the most effective results. Postcards produced the best ROI by 92%.

Postcards involve lower manufacturing, printing and mailing costs so are cost effective

When looking for a low-cost way to reach your target market, postcards are an ideal Mailing direct to your customer. These cards are very affordable and can help you reach your target audience with minimal effort. In fact, postcards can double as a business card or offer follow-up. And because they’re cheap, your budget won’t get drained so you can afford to send them to more places in one hit.

Postcard DM is one of the cheapest ways to send out mass mailings. They can save your business the need to print out individual labels or splash out on branded envelopes. Lower manufacturing costs is not the only cost saver. Mailing companies can segment the address data by region to get more competitive rates. At Think, we have existing relations with postal carriers so can pass on the best possible postage rates to our clients.

Postcards can align good old-fashioned mailing with digital


We know digital communication can be quicker and easier to see results but does it get the best results? In recent years, Direct Mail has evolved to get higher levels of engagement. When people are spending less time reading, you really have limited time to engage their attention. Small, envelope-free postcards are becoming a popular, especially as they achieve the highest response rate. In a Royal Mail study, 25% of UK adults bought something or made a payment/donation following receipt of mail. Postcards can be the first touch point for prospect customers to make a purchase, visit your site or make an enquiry. Especially if the mailing includes an exclusive offer just for them!

We can all see how QR Codes are more widely used now. The digital switch has increased their popularity as an easy way to direct customers to a specific landing page. We are definitely seeing more of them roll off the print – whether business cards, pop-up banners, adverts, leaflets or postcards.

Direct Mail advertising is perfect for reaching people who may not see high street billboards, digital banners or your shop/office/hotel window. It also works well for businesses that need to remind or follow up to prospects. Mailing is not affected by GDPR restrictions so you are allowed to post your marketing out to your target audience. This is why Direct Mail still remains an effective marketing tactic for businesses to legitimately reach their prospects. Just make sure that you look after your data and store it appropriately.

Think’s three tips you should keep in mind when choosing what type of Mailing to send
  1. Make sure your postcard will appeal to your target audience. Is its design appealing with a clear message that’s relevant to your audience?
  2. Ensure your Direct Mail that has a high return rate. It needs an enticing Call to Action, encouraging the recipient to visit your website/shop/restaurant or make an enquiry.
  3. Pick a suitable paper weight, finish and style that is withing your budget. Yes, postcards get impressive ROI but we recommend spending less than £1 per item to not rank up your spend.


Our 5 reason postcards are an incredibly versatile form of Direct Mail

There are several reasons why postcards are so effective at reaching your target audience. They are:

  1. inexpensive
  2. easy to produce and send
  3. simple to read and understand
  4. highly targeted with personalisation, sent directly to individuals based on their address
  5. very effective at getting results and the best ROI.

With so much experience in mailing, we at Think can help your whole Direct Mail journey. From its initial in-house design and planning to its print, fulfilment and on-going data management. If you are ready to get results, please get in touch to discuss your Direct Mail campaign today.

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