Think supports Ecologi in 2022

Think’s New Year’s resolution: supporting Ecologi

Will your carbon footprint lower this year?

At Think, we have started our New Year off environmentally by joining forces with Ecologi to help offset our carbon footprint. We all know that trees are a strong and important aspect of worldwide life, but especially so for us as a printer. We have therefore committed to support a social enterprise helping to plant millions of trees around the world.  So at least 12 trees will be planted every month with our donation.. Despite using paper every working day, this is an ideal way to show our dedication to our planet. It also helps confirm Jonathan Porritt’s view that paper is “one of the most sustainable industries”.

About Ecologi

Ecologi is an environmental organisation who fund projects that are climate positive. Every month, our support will help their goal to sow the seed for billions of trees every year.

Think’s environmental policy

Following the pandemic, we are all far more aware of climate change. We understand the necessity to actively work with our planet to allow our survival on it. Our little steps help make a difference and you can now improve your carbon footprint through partnering with us for your print needs.

Think’s sustainable way:

  • All printing is done on FSC stock, which means all our paper is ethically sourced from sustainably managed forests
  • With over 130 years of collective printing experience, this means we produce very little un-necessary waste
  • We offer a full range of 100% recycled papers and products
  • We plant at least 12 trees a month through Ecolgi
  • We plan and combine local deliveries with minimal distance travelled where possible
  • We ensure all lights, heating and electrical items are turned off over-night and at weekends when not in use
  • We recycle all offcuts, paper, card and plastic waste.

We want to share our profits to support the very element we rely on – trees. We made a promise that our increased business will mean more work with Ecologi to reach that goal. You can see our environmental impact with Ecologi so far.

So simply, the more orders you place with us, the more trees we will plant. If  you want your print to help us reduce 10.6 tonnes of CO2 this year, please get in touch.

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