Can the print industry really be sustainable?

In a quick answer, yes! As paper gets recycled. Trees get planted. And most printers, like us, work sustainably. In this post, we’ll explain how we work to an environmental policy and how our little steps will help make a difference.

Paper is sustainable

We agree with the campaign group Two Sides, leading the fightback against greenwashing, where businesses bolster support through misleading environmental claims. Their mission, and ours, is to promote the #sustainability of printing and to dispel the misconceptions about our industry. One firm believer in this is Jonathan Porritt, the British environmentalist and writer. Two Sides and the BPIF (British Printing Industries Federation) invited him to speak at the Power of Print seminar, 2021. He sees printing as “one of the most sustainable industries”.  Jonathan Tame, MD at Two Sides said: “64% believe forests in Europe are diminishing compared to 10% who rightly understand that forests are increasing. While only 16% understand we recycle more than 60% of paper products – the figure is 74% for paper and 83% for paper-based packaging,”

Think as sustainable

We @Thinkdp are big fans of Porritt’s statement. Having operated sustainably with over 30 years of experience, our environmental footprint is secure. And we hope for it to become more realised. At the start of the year, we set up a partnership with  Ecologi to support their effort to plant billions of trees every year. And don’t forget, you can improve your carbon footprint by partnering with us for your print needs this year.

Our paper

All the paper we print on is FSC certified (Forest Stewardship Council). We offer a range of paper types, thickness (or gsm -grams per square meter) and recyclable envelopes. We primarily use uncoated paper which not only has a natural look and feel but it is easier to recycle. It is widely accepted by many recycling mills and it is easy to transport. All our paper waste is recycled though Mick, our Production Manager is adamant that our waste is as minimal as possible!

Digital printing

Although we offer litho-printing for larger print runs or when printing onto non-paper surfaces, the majority is done digitally. Digital printers produce far less CO2 and so help to reduce emissions which means a happier earth. Digital is also a quicker and more cost-effective method. An ideal solution for The Zinc Group or Alliance Medical who need frequent billing mailing or policy updates. As digital printing does not require a printing plate, less ink is used which is also more sustainable.

Experts in delivery

One of our USPs is that our print always arrives on time and to specification. Aaron, our delivery driver carefully plans his journeys to minimise carbon emissions through un-necessary travel.

If your business wishes to lower its carbon footprint, a simple answer is to use us as your printer. You will receive exceptional print whilst supporting a local and long-standing business. And the more business we get, the more we support Ecologi in planting tress worldwide.

Experts in print for over 30 years

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