Why Calendars are still needed


We are only mid-November but we @thinkdesignandprint are already printing calendars for 2022, our early preparation for the countdown to Christmas. Whether it’s branded collateral for the larger organisations (Calor Gas, Alliance Medical) or for smaller businesses and charities (The Croft School, Down Syndrome UK), we give all our clients our full dedication to always deliver on spec and on time.

In this post, we will explain why printed items such as calendars are still so important, what to consider before their design and our suggestions to make your brand stand out from the rest.

So why are printed calendars so important?

Calendars are the ideal way for a business’s brand to get noticed every day of the week, or the five days of a working week. We still need a physical reminder of what is happening and when, whether that is from looking up at the wall or from your desk-top or by screen. The digital switch has been fast forwarded from the pandemic, but many people miss the old, traditional ways of living and marking out key dates on a physical calendar is a perfect example. Yes, i-calendars are now widely used from mobiles but we are still printing vast quantities of physical calendars which shows they are still needed.

Which calendars are best?

We advise deciding which type of calendar is best for your clients from the outset as the size and type of calendar will affect your branding, the type of photos and the key message. We offer a wide array of calendar types, including:

  • Classic wall calendars
    • Available in sizes and formats of your choice (portrait, landscape, square)
    • Spiral binding to hold the sheets together with your choice of paper thickness, type with high-gloss or eco-friendly finish

  • Desk pop-up calendar
    • The desk calendar allows clients to always keep an eye on all the important meetings, events and appointments – along with a reminder of why your brand is so great!

  • Desk pad calendar
    • The ideal way to keep dates, and your brand, at the forefront of the mind is to have it on your clients’ desks. They can then make notes, doodles and reminders of those important tasks for the day on the pad that’s always available right next to their keypad, phone or pen pot.

You choose which dates to include

Consider which days will be important to your audience. If you work in education and training, then exam days will be key. If you are a charity, then fundraising events or AGMs. If you are a retailer or offer services, Black Friday and Christmas etc.

Branding your calendar

We all like free giveaways and a calendar is how you can advertise your brand throughout the year. Do you have specific product launches or seasonal photos to show case throughout the year?

You can tailor your calendars to give a different message to your existing or prospect clients each month. We think it’s an ideal corporate/client/user gift for Christmas; combining the practical help with a constant reminder of how your brand is different with your mission statements and brand taglines throughout.

So, has this post inspired you to get your calendar printing into action? Simply get in touch for a quote or for some advice from us.

But let us warn that you need to get working on this soon to have the design approved, printed and dispatched for you to give next month!

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