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Arrmonico Consort

Learn about our new Charity of the Year, Armonico Consort

Following the closure of Warwick Print, who Armonico had used for many years, a new printer was urgently needed.

Arrmonico Consort

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Critically acclaimed UK choir and instrumental charity


Armonico Consort is a critically acclaimed choir and instrumental ensemble based in Warwick. The charity works nationally to increase the public knowledge of renaissance and baroque choral music. They do this whilst supporting vulnerable children and adults using the health, wellbeing, and social benefits of singing.

Each year, Armonico’s concerts attract over 20,000 audiences. Their education and community programme supports 17,000 children, young people with educational needs and adults living with dementia across Warwickshire.

High quality, eye-catching print materials are integral to the charity’s success in reaching a wide range of audiences. They require exceptional print to showcase the critically acclaimed concerts and ground-breaking education and community programmes they run. Print quality is also key as the charity has to attract support from a range of funders. These can be individual donors and trusts, foundations or corporate sponsors.


Armonico had partnered with Warwick Print for many years. The sad and sudden closure of Warwick Print’s doors meant Armonico needed to find a new local printer in Warwick fast. Continuing to produce the exceptional print quality that Armonico’s audiences and supporters now expect was top of their priority list.

Their new print partner had to fulfil all their print needs; from brochures and flyers to Corex boards and posters. They also needed a reliable printer who would work to the tight deadlines they often face. As an agile team Armonico have to respond to the fast-paced changes that often occur in the live music business.

They were therefore relieved when they discovered us as their next pair of safe printers’ hands, just down the road!


From pop up banners to postcards, the quality and quantity of Armonico’s marketing print has been maintained. Jen, Armonico’s Marketing Manager, was excited to learn that Think could also manage their Mailing without her previous outsourcing. So their marketing has actually been built upon with our expert teams’ guidance. Now Armonico can explore new ways of working with us as their new print partners, offering additional services and advice.

Think Design and Print saved the day by helping us get our season brochure printed within a short time frame. They have since been an absolute pleasure to work with! After our trust and dependence on our previous printers who sadly had to close their doors, we were concerned about finding a similar, reliable and local printer. Excellent quality and service were essential, along with ensuring our business needs were met smoothly, quickly and efficiently. Think have offered us all of this and we are delighted to be partnered with them going forward…highly recommended!


Jen Cuthbertson, Sales & Marketing Manager


We quickly put Armonico’s team at ease with a real understanding of the importance of their brand. Its consistency across print is essential in their marketing activity to meet business goals and strategy.

From the get-go, Armonico’s confidence in a new print partner was achieved with our expert team offering personal, high-quality print. The fact this is matched with our 5-star rating, quick turnaround with guaranteed delivery and competitive pricing further appealed. We’re excited to support another charity, especially one whose critically acclaimed choir and instrumental ensemble supports local schools and communities. We have therefore chosen Armonico as our Charity of The Year to offer even better prices on their print. We love supporting such goodness in our local area. And the impressive imagery and concert hall backgrounds look great as we see Armonico print rolling off the press. In return they kindly offer us the much-wanted space in their programme guides so please look out for our adverts!

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