Warwick Schools Foundation

Warwick Schools Foundation

Providing Warwick School Foundation with an effective print solutions to cater to the diverse requirements of the business.

The Warwick Schools Foundation is dedicated to providing outstanding educational opportunities within a united and collaborative community. It’s focus is to ensure pupils receive exceptional education.This commitment underscores the Foundations aim to establish itself, both collectively and individually across its schools, as a leading and dynamic educational institution within the catchment area.

Warwick Schools Foundation

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To provide a dependable and efficient print solution that caters to the diverse needs of the Warwick Schools Foundation, ensuring timely and high-quality printing services to support various educational and administrative requirements across Warwick Preparatory School, Kings High School, Warwick Junior School, Warwick Senior School and The Kingsley School.



Each School in the Foundation have a dedicated Marketing Department, all responsible for the promoting each school through various forms of media including print. In a highly pressured environment, on demand printed marketing pieces are often required with very short deadlines, that promote school events such as open days, productions and specific courses.

It is important for the Marketing departments are able to partner with a reliable printer that understands the demands of the schools, whilst ensuring quality of the printed piece is showcased throughout.


Having a dedicated account manager from Think provides several advantages for the marketing department of the Foundation. The regular update meetings facilitate effective communication and strategic planning for various events scheduled throughout the year. This proactive approach enables the marketing department to stay organised and prepared, ensuring that their print and promotional material needs are anticipated and met promptly.

The assurance that Think can promptly respond to any sudden print requests is a significant benefit. In a dynamic environment where unforeseen requirements may arise, having a reliable partner ready to accommodate urgent print needs can be invaluable. The close proximity of Think Design and Print’s office and dedicated delivery van is another advantage, as this proximity contributes to faster delivery times, supporting the Foundations goal of reducing administration and ensuring timely delivery of materials to meet the schools’ needs.

“I had a called from the Headmistress to say how impressed she was with not only the magazine but the printing quality too, so a huge thanks to you and the Think team for all your hard work!”

We look forward to working with more schools in the future!

Marketing Department


Think has established a strong and comprehensive partnership with the Foundation, offering a range
of services to various departments within the schools. This partnership streamlines the production process for various publications and promotional materials, benefiting the schools by reducing administrative tasks and ultimately leading to faster delivery times.

The diverse array of materials produced, including magazines, books, invitations, leaflets, student handbooks, as well as large format items like roller banners, posters, PVC banners, and Foamex boards, suggests a well-rounded service catering to different communication and marketing needs within educational institutions.

The emphasis on being a one-stop solutions provider is a significant advantage, as it centralises the
production and minimises the effort required from the schools & departments. Overall, the collaboration between the Foundation and Think seems to be beneficial, offering a comprehensive service that supports the diverse needs of the schools while emphasizing efficiency, quality, and reliability.

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