Granny Tick-Tock

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Elizabeth L Dripping, aka Granny Tick-Tock!

Igniting love of nature for children

Elizabeth L Dripping’s seventh children’s book is in progress with our Designer, Tony’s concentration to ensure her illustrated books are printed to perfection. 

Elizabeth L Dripping, aka Granny Tick-Tock!


2017 - 2022


Children and supporter of Friends of Abbey Fields

Business Type

Author and illustrator of Children’s books


Lizzie is a grandmother who lives in Kenilworth and has so far created six books for children, with the seventh soon to come. The main focus of her stories is the local attractions of Warwickshire. Whether Shakespeare’s birthplace, Butterfly Farm, or the adventures of Elizabeth 1 in Warwick Castle. She becomes ‘Granny Tick-Tock’ and along with her grandchildren, Poppy and Sam, helps preserve the local wildlife. With a passion for nature, her stories always educate children with music, magic and mayhem just round the corner!


Lizzie was thinking ‘where is book printing near me?’. She came into our Leamington office to see if we would help convert her latest story into a book. She then unpacked her bag with a mass of her work in progress. Tony was amazed to see the hand-drawn and painted pictures to accompany her story. And he knew that Think’s printers were capable of printing books with illustrations to the high-quality that her pictures had. This was the start of a great relationship with Lizzie, who regularly pops into our offices to get her adventure pictures in print. 


The 75- year-old is a keen volunteer for the Friends of Abbey Fields. She kindly supports the charity with some of the money her books raise. She does not sell her books on mainstream websites as the children’s enjoyment reading is her priority. 

“All the books have got a theme on saving wildlife and planting wild-flowers for bees, and to help reduce pollution and plastic,” she says. 

“I used to come to Abbey Fields when I lived in Coventry with my children, when it snowed. The park gives me great joy and I love to give something back to it.”

So not only do children love Granny Tick-Tock’s picture books but they ignite an environmental conscious in our younger generation. Thumbs up Granny Tick-Tock! ????

Her latest edition is work in progress in our offices but you can find her five other editions for £6.99 at Kenilworth Books in Talisman Square. 

I first started creating books with an American company but then decided to look for a local printer. When I found Think, I enjoyed the process much more!

Together we have published four books and one more is about to be released. My paintings and creativity work well with the professional finish Think gives me. 

I recommend Think. They are versatile and are patient with my ideas. Working as a team makes my book projects more interesting.



Supporting her local area, Lizzie was keen to find a local printer and the fact that Tony also lives in Kenilworth was a winner. This was especially handy during lockdown when Tony was able to hand deliver his latest proofs of artwork for her to approve before print production was to start. 

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